Olive oil

15th of our Hectares are dedicated to the olives groves , in total we have 2600 plants The variety of the plants are the typical tuscan one as Leccino , Moraiolo, pendolino and Frantoiano, from which  we obtain a very well balanced with green intense color and fruity aroma olive oil EVO, lightly spicy and Bitter taste , synonymous of high quality.

We usually  start the harvest the olives during the first day of November, when the olives start to turn their colors to the violet.

we pic up by and and at the end of the day we lay out in a big room so that the air can circulate very well and after a day we press, it’s a kind of cold squeezing to keep high the quality of the oil. we decant it for a period and the n we bottle the olive oil 

Every year we wait this period very hard , to taste the fist bruschetta with the new Evo olive oil.

All the effort are now satisfy.