Bike Tours in the Chianti region in Tuscany

Bike Tours in the Chianti Region

Welcome to Tenuta Lupinari, your gateway to exploring the stunning Chianti region of Tuscany on two wheels. Whether you're an experienced cyclist seeking thrilling challenges or a leisure cyclist eager to soak in breathtaking landscapes, we have the perfect biking experience for you.

Scenic Cycling Routes
Surrounded by the rolling hills of Tuscany, Tenuta Lupinari offers cycling routes rich in points of interest and spectacular views. The hilly terrain provides a thrilling challenge, reminiscent of the training grounds of cycling legends like Bartali, Cipollini, and Bettini. Don't miss the opportunity to pedal through the famous "Eroica" cycling tour, an unforgettable journey through time along gravel roads and picturesque landscapes.

Bike Tours in the Chianti region in Tuscany

Our team works with local experts who handle everything, from delivering the bikes to organizing tailored excursions based on your skill level. Whether you prefer a leisurely hour-long ride or a full-day adventure exploring the valleys, we've got you covered. Choose the bike that suits you best and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Tuscany.

Best Months for Cycling
The optimal months for cycling or touring Tuscany by bike are from March to June and from September to October. During July and August, when temperatures soar, outdoor activities are best enjoyed in the early mornings or late afternoons. However, even during these hours, you'll be treated to stunning scenery illuminated by the unique light of dawn and dusk.

Prepare for an unforgettable biking adventure through the Chianti region with Tenuta Lupinari. Book now at the farmhouse with bike tours in the Chianti region in Tuscany and get ready to pedal through landscapes straight out of a postcard, creating memories that will last a lifetime.