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Estate - Luxury Agritourism in Tuscany

Imagine to have a magnifying glass and point it on the Tuscany map, in between of the soothing hills of Siena and Arezzo.

Do you see it? There is a small  old hamlet that holds a magical fairy tail.

The main “character” is a man with great expectations, that with a lot of strength makes his dreams come true: his name is Antonio Pellegrino he was the owner of the farm. After taking care of the wine and oil production, he started restoring the old hamlet, surrounded by stunning landscapes, that before him had being abandoned for many many years. He converted it in a relaxing, warming and welcoming country resort.

All his legacy, his passion for wine and appreciation for simple things and its quality were passed to his family, especially to his 2 daughters, Antonella and Marianna. Together with their mother  they are now the owners of the property, creating a women run-family business.

They made his dream their dream : creating a winery farm, based on the inspiration of the old tradition and able to host people coming from all over the world ,making them feel home , even far from their home.



The hamlet  consist in a main building, our little Bed & Breakfast; the Restaurant where our chef Angela will prepare juicy dinners for you; a hall with wi-fi connection that let you to communicate with the rest of the world drinking a glass of wine and the Bar, where everyday you can taste our homemade cakes or you can ask for your aperitif and enjoy it at dusk on our fascinating terrace. The rest of the Borgo is then divided in 11 different apartments to suits any taste.

This is the result of many year of restoration, from a place used for agriculutar activities in to a luxury agriturism, characterized by excellence of service, familiarity, hospitality and a wide range of comfotable spacius and finaly furnished accomodations



In the estate you will also see a Castle, work of the brilliant architect Gino Coppedè (creator of the district in Rome with the same name). Today he is renowned for having created a specific and unique style called "Coppedé Style". The rooms and the exteriors were frescoed by the famous painter Galileo Chini, author of several artworks, for example the well-known Terme Berzieri in Salsomaggiore and the Grand Hotel des Thèrmes, and many others such as the Royal Palace of Bangkok.



Tenuta Lupinari is located in the central part of Tuscany , the nearest village name is  Bucine, in the province of Arezzo and in a strategically position to visit the cities of art in this magic region, since it is in the middle of the 3 most beautiful cities in Tuscany, at just 30 minutes from Siena, where you can visit the famous Piazza del Campo, in which twice in a year, on the 2nd of July and the 16th of August there is the renowened Palio di Siena. This wonderful city offers a lot of attractions to discover, such as the Cathedral with many artworks to admire inside. The estate is also at half hour from Arezzo, a marvelous small city with the characteristic square Piazza Grande, set of the fabulous Oscar-winning movie 'Life is beautiful'. In the same square, every first week end of the month you can visit the most famous Antiques Fair in Italy.

In the end, we are less than a hour from Florence. The city is easily to reach by train from Bucine train station, without stress for looking for a park you will be directly in the Santa Maria Novella train station, just in the center of Florence. From there you can reach with easy the famous Ponte VecchioPiazza della Signoria, the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Uffizi.

But that's not all! Our agriturism is a perfect starting point to many other destinations in Tuscany, such as the Chianti Classico area: Castellina in ChiantiGreve in ChiantiRadda in Chianti. Even San Gimignano is not so far, just a little more than an hour. It stands out againts the hills with its majestic towers, today we can count 13 but it is said that in the fourteenth century there were 72 towers, one for each well-to-do family.
You can't help but visit the antique Borgo of Monteriggioni. This is surrounded by walls that are perfectly preserved and if you come in the summertime you have to take part in the most important Medieval Feast in Italy that takes place every year in the middle of July and that reminds the story of Monteriggioni. It is a wonderful celebration and you seem to be in another time, indeed, in this occasion all the inhabitants wear medieval clothes. There is no legal tender but the old coin 'Scudo di Monteriggioni', then you have to change your coin with it before to enter and this is the only way you have to buy, eat and drink. All the beverages and foods are prepared with medieval recipes. There are no cars in the village but horses and mules; no lights but torches and candes, everything contriubutes to make the atmosphere more magic for an unmissable event.

From Tenuta Lupinari, Umbria is also fast and simple to reach by car, you need just an hour going through a convenient freeway with 4 lanes and then you can visit PerugiaAssisiSpelloSpoleto, etc but do not forget to visit Cortona on your way, this gorgeous village is rich in historical events and vitality and will offer you the opportunity to enjoy a breath-taking view on Lake Trasimeno. In Cortona from Spring to Autumn there are a lot of interesting events such as the Cortona Mix Festival (from 27th July to 4th August), a different festival that celebrates the arts in their asset and variety.